ПрофсоUX 19

Конференция #1
для UX-профессионалов в России

2 марта 2019

ул. Лодейнопольская, 5
КЦ «Петроконгресс»

Surrounded by self-styled UX experts. The challenges of UX professionals in large enterprises.

This talk is for everyone involved in creating digital products: designers, researchers, product managers, developers

In big companies, everybody — including the management board — claims that they work for the good of the customer. And nobody knows what it actually means. As a designer with several years of experience in a big tech enterprise, I want to share with you my thoughts on UX professionals’ role in shaping the awareness of the customer point of view.

From this talk you’ll learn:

  • how to reduce self-styled UX experts’ false assumptions and focus on actual users’ needs and problems
  • how to engage non-UX people in the research and design process
  • how to present research results to draw everyone’s attention.

Anna Jozanis


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