ПрофсоUX 19

Конференция #1
для UX-профессионалов в России

2 марта 2019

ул. Лодейнопольская, 5
КЦ «Петроконгресс»

2 марта, Санкт-Петербург, КЦ Петроконгресс

UX Survival – How to do UX Design in hostile environments. Master-class

3 марта, 11:00 — 15:30.
Продолжительность 4 часа, на английском языке без перевода.

Лутц Шмитт — приглашённый спикер из Кёльна, со-организатор конференции EuroIA 15 и популярный в Европе докладчик, проведёт единственный в России мастер-класс на тему выживания UX-специалиста в неблагоприятной среде, где поделится знаниями, накопленными за 20 лет.

Мастер-класс проводится вне основной программы ProfsoUX и требует отдельной регистрации.
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Lutz SchmittLutz Schmitt is short to 20 years in the digital business. Organiser of conferences, Co-Chair of EuroIA in 2015. Speaker on design theory and design for privacy. Connects Experience Design and LARP. One lifetime goal: To cook something, that brings up tears of pure joy. Not achieved yet.

Workshop description

The UX Survival workshop teaches hands-on how to work with UX methods, even when your environment ignores UX or any user-centered-design approach. Or how to apply UX methods to your environment to better understand, how to change it. This workshop is meant as a silver bullet to typical problems of companies in early stages of UX maturity. All methods are proven in the battlegrounds, but not every method was successful every time. The workshop will deliver answers to these questions:

  1. How to deal with wrong ideas about UX?
  2. How to do guerrilla UX research and design without time and resources at hand?
  3. How to bring in UX into other existing processes like agile development?
  4. How to convince a ignorant management to invest in UX?
  5. How to deal with the situation, when they suddenly listen to you?

Of course, the workshop is no silver bullet, as those are not existing. But it provides you with solid tools and methods and a good portion of encouragement to up the ante for your company’s UX game.

The problems and solutions presented in this workshop apply to big company structures, but also to agile teams, design studios or start ups.

This workshop is aimed at UX Designers with some years of experience or (UX) Design Leads of any sort. Beginners might be disenchanted about their chosen profession.

Date, Venue, Registration

Language: English only. На английском языке без перевода и без видеозаписи.
Date: 3rd of March (Sunday)
Length: 4 hours
Place: PetroСongress Center (Lodeinopolskaya Street, 5, St. Petersburg, Russia)
Санкт-Петербург, Лодейнопольская ул., д.5

Separate registration is required.
Мастер-класс проводится вне основной программы ProfsoUX и требует отдельной регистрации »

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