ПрофсоUX 19

Конференция #1
для UX-профессионалов в России

2 марта 2019

ул. Лодейнопольская, 5
КЦ «Петроконгресс»

When numbers are tricky. Designer’s point of view on data.

This talk is for everyone involved in creating digital products: designers, researchers, product managers, developers

Business likes numbers, so UX professionals are eager to translate user experience into data. This is done in order to find common ground with business, but also in order to measure the effectiveness of their work. However, shallow interpretation of data can lead to false conclusions and wrong design decisions. In my talk, I will explore some strategies that help you avoid this, all based on my own experience with data-driven design.

In this talk I will share:

  • how to understand data and interpret it correctly
  • how to find out what users’ behaviour is represented by data
  • how to use data wisely and explore it from various perspectives

Anna Jozanis


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