ПрофсоUX 19

Конференция #1
для UX-профессионалов в России

2 марта 2019

ул. Лодейнопольская, 5
КЦ «Петроконгресс»

2 марта, Санкт-Петербург, КЦ Петроконгресс

Scott Sullivan

Scott Sullivan

Scott Sullivan is first and foremost a creator: a builder of services and products that operate seamlessly in people’s lives. As Director of User Experience at LPK, Scott focuses on leveraging emergent technologies to embed invisible, intuitive influences into physical brand experiences.

Prior to joining LPK, he was a principal at Adaptive Path in San Francisco, overseeing the launch and real-time evolutions of hardware startups. With an arts-driven education and diverse influences, Scott’s work has run the spectrum from education to energy; finance to interactive performance art.

Scott has authored several publications on UX and the digital world, including editorial for Fast Company and a book, Designing for Wearables: Effective UX for Current and Future Devices.



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